• Do you think you may have a bug in the carpet?
  • Have you noticed damage in various parts of the building?
  • Are you seeing or hearing a pest around your home or business premises?
  • Have you tried to remedy the problem yourself, without success?

If you answer yes to all or some of the questions above, it may be that you do have a pest that is attempting to make your home business its home too!

What attract pests?

Like us, pests like to build their nests and raise their young in places that are warm, dry, and free from danger, as well as with a food source close by.

Your home, garden, garage, outbuilding, barn, farmyard, industrial unit, grain store, sports pitch etc. in and around Newport Pagnell is the perfect place for a pest to make its home!

How we can help you…

We offer a range of comprehensive pest control services in Newport Pagnell to both domestic and business customers.

With qualified pest control technicians, we understand how pests work and the need to be able to break the life cycle for effective eradication. For others pests, such as rabbit, deer, fox etc., proofing and prevention methods are required.

We have the solution to leave you pest-free as soon as possible. ALL the methods we use are humane and safe, with no pests suffering unnecessarily. And with great prices too, you will wonder why you didn’t call us sooner…