Specialising in domestic, farming, agricultural and commercial pest control across post codes MK1 to MK19, we successful and effectively deal with all kinds of pests in all kinds of situations…


although not dangerous, they are a nuisance. Many people also find it unpleasant to have ants invading a property; left unchecked they can infest a building and for food service outlets and retailers, ants can contaminate stock too.


a growing problem in many parts of the UK; effective treatment of bedbugs includes the use of chemical treatments and deep cleaning. Some infestations will require repeat treatments as the eggs and nymphs (young bedbugs) can live for months without food…


not just a problem that pet owners have to deal with! Fleas find their way in to our homes and businesses, soon becoming an itchy problem that requires determination, treatment and cleaning to remove from a property.


with hundreds of species across the globe, here in the UK we tend to deal with only two varieties; one that prefers the coolness of cellars and the other which prefers the warmth and humidity of kitchens and bathrooms. Carrying and cross-contaminating food stuffs and work surfaces, cockroach infestations will NOT go away on their own…


carrying bacteria and spreading germs, mice in a property or in food storage areas can create a whole heap of problems. Mice, as with other members of the rodent family, also gnaw. Dealing with the issue and preventing a re-occurrence is essential.


possibly the most feared of rodents, the rat can damage the very fabric of a building, as well as spreading a potential fatal bacteria wherever it goes. Rats are a priority control issue for many businesses and agricultural settings.


with a sting in their tail, the venom from the common wasp can be fatal for some; spotting a wasp nest means that it needs to be removed quickly but is NOT something that should be attempted by anyone other than a trained pest control professional.


the velvet gentleman may be revered by some but not if their molehills are scattered around your lawn, bowling green, sports pitch, fields and pastures! Being rid of moles is only part of a successful eradication; their tunnels need blocking too.


not a worm but a beetle, they can live, undetected, in wood structures and furniture for a long time; when spotted, they need dealing with as soon as possible to prevent further damage that can weaken important structures


contrary to popular belief, bees are not protected in the UK but their importance in maintaining the balance of the local environment and pollination, mean that is many cases, bee nests are relocated rather than exterminated. With the possibility of a fatal sting, always consult a professional pest control company.


the population of rabbits across Milton Keynes and beyond is massive and all landowners are expected to take responsibility for dealing with rabbits; long term approaches, along with proofing techniques can significantly reduce the damage they do. Rabbits are not just a rural issue; we work with many industrial customers too.


urban foxes are clever animals that have learnt to adapt to how we live; although a nuisance, exterminating foxes is costly and time consuming. Proofing gardens and other preventative measures are the answers.


a common site in town and city centres, flocking and roosting pigeons damage buildings as well as leaving unsightly stains and mess. Bird proofing measures are effective and successful.


a pest that can be aggressive at certain times of the year as they protect their young, seagulls can also damage buildings; dealing with seagulls should always be done by a qualified and experienced pest controller so that measures are legal and humane.


flocking in large numbers, starlings can be a graceful sight but not if they are roosting on your building, whether this is a domestic home or commercial building; again, bird proofing measures are an effective investment.


a large species group, beetles can be a nuisance in the home, such as those found in carpets. Understanding the life cycle of beetles and breaking this, is the effective answer to be beetle free in both domestic and business premises.


flies appear when they have a source of food; find the source and deal with that, and the flies will disappear. Sometimes, this food source is not immediately obvious and so an experienced pest control company may be needed to deal with the infestation.


enjoying natural fibres in clothing, soft furnishings, carpets and rugs, moths can be found in any building at any time of year. Finding one can mean there are many more, hiding away in a dark corner.


the most feared of insects, spiders can become a nuisance in a property when the weather conditions outside are not to their liking; with no dangerous or poisonous spiders in the UK, these arachnids tend to be more of an unpleasant and unwanted nuisance…


there are bugs of all kinds that cause us distress, especially when they invade our homes and properties. Rarely dangerous, bugs can, however, contaminate food and other items, costing businesses and the household money to replace. Treatment and cleaning is required, after the bug has been correctly identified.


insects form an important part of the local environment, often being a food source for other insects and birds. However, weather conditions can favour one type of insect over another and, when this happens, it can create an unpleasant environment within the garden, home or business.


their natural habitat is woodland but squirrels, like many other pests, can enjoy the sanctuary and safety of buildings. Incredibly noisy, squirrels in a property can also cause expensive damage, gnawing at wooden structure, electrical cabling etc. Although not normally aggressive, squirrels will defend any young. With specific laws relating to trapping and euthanizing squirrels, always use a professional pest control company for removal.